Internet Marketing Limitations – MLM Advantages

Internet marketing (I.M.) is a relatively new field which the MLM crowd found is a much better way of reaching potential downline members. Previously, multi-level companies have taught their members to contact friends and family first and then proceed to handing out business cards to strangers, and after that posting flyers and holding meetings in hotel rooms or even in their own living rooms. The internet changed all of that because now, meetings are now held online and new customers or prospects, can be solicited online.

For anyone attempting to move from MLM to I.M. there are many vehicles and techniques that can be used in order to reach the masses and generate a prospect list or customers. Things like article marketing, videos, paid for advertising, and these auto-dialers that randomly find phone numbers and then dial them are all effective tools. Most of these techniques are taught by people who are using the term “ATTRACTION MARKETING”. This term being nothing more than getting your message out over the internet by some vehicle, and then attaching a link back to your website, so in essence people are find YOU instead of you finding THEM: in other words, they are “ATTRACTED” to you… but there are limitations.

The problem with all this internet marketing that is going on is that most people in the world, and in fact, most people on the internet, are NOT internet marketers. So therefore, when internet marketers go out in search of new members for their company opportunity, most of the time its the same old people who are seeing the message. Marketer NUMBER 1 is marketing his product to internet gal NUMBER 2 and then internet guy NUMBER 3 may market his message or opportunity back to internet marketer NUMBER 1 and on and on and on. This can go on through internet person number 10,000 but the point is that there is a limited number of these people who are online marketers so they are the only ones getting the message.

At least in the real world, there are basically an endless number of people who may get involved in multi level or network marketing, because you can always walk up to your doctor, or pastor, or barber, or the girl at the grocery store, and hand them your business card and ask them if they would like to make more money. But the truth is, none of those people may actually be searching the internet for opportunities, therefore, as an internet marketer, you may never find them in the internet world.

So its funny how we have come full circle. I.M. is certainly a viable option, but it’s not the end-all for network marketing. The truth is that if the average person wants to be successful in a networking opportunity, they should do both internet marketing, while continuing to hand out cards to both friends and family as well as strangers. There just aren’t enough internet marketers to go around to make everybody rich. Only the Gurus out there are getting rich because they continue to promote launches and pre-launches and sell them as one-time offers, and the only ones who see these and buy these are…you guessed it….internet marketers who are looking for the next big thing. So there are internet marketing limitations, because the average person is still not aware of it. That’s why there are traditional MLM advantages, because many people are just not aware of networking with I.M.

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