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Site Promotion – How to Promote Your Website With a Strategic Tweeting System

So your site is sitting pretty and hardly anyone is coming for a visit? You can change that in a hurry. Read on to discover how to get traffic fast with strategic tweeting.

Twitter is great for getting fast traffic. However, in order to make this strategy work, you need to have a few things in place:

1) Your website or preferably a blog

A website with great content. Preferably a blog, actually, because blogs make constantly adding up-to-date content a piece of cake, and they also invite your visitors to get involved. And in this age of web 2.0, visitors like getting involved — if properly motivated.

2) EzineArticles

If you want to make your system more elaborate, add EzineArticles into the mix — that’s because most people on Twitter don’t really like it if all you do is send them to your blog. That can get old fast. But if you send them to informative articles, they may forgive you even if most of them are yours.

Note: Do send them to someone else’s article too on occasion. Some of those could be your friends’ articles (and you can do a round robin of returning favors for each other), and some of them could be articles you simply came across that you found really useful.

In fact, go looking for some of those and share them with your followers.

3) A URL abbreviator

And unless you have a really short and snappy website URL, be sure to use a link abbreviator. In fact, link abbreviators are helpful because you get to track your click-throughs. Do the same for your articles.

Just in case you’re new to link abbreviators… I like, which gives you click-through stats in real time, plus daily and weekly statistics as well.

But there are many others, including and so on. Before you settle on one in particular, test them out a few times. You want a URL abbreviator that will work very quickly. There are some out there that either work really slowly or, occasionally, don’t work at all.

Of course, you also need to make sure to type the URL in correctly.

How to put it together

Next, you put it together. You need to send out strategic tweets that get your followers to take you up on your offer, and ideally retweet your tweets to THEIR followers. But how do you get them to do that? Here’s how:

Start with keyword and/or an attention-getting short question or statement. Follow up with some more detail (maybe a tip?). And finally tell them where they can find the rest of the info, which is your link, of course, taking them either to your outstanding blog post or one of your EzineArticles.

Home Based Business Ideas For Entrepreneurial Stay at Home Moms

Watching TV programs or gossiping with friends are no longer the priority with stay at home moms. They would like to utilize their free time in a productive manner and what better way is there for them than to be an entrepreneur and make money from home. There are several home based business ideas ideally suited for stay at home moms that could be matched to suit their skills, temperament and the opportunity they provide to generate an income from home. It is wise to do some market research before starting with any the home based business ideas and ensure that there is a need for it.Freelance Writing: This is an ideal home based business for moms who possess a good command of the language and have an affinity for writing. The scope for writing is huge such as writing for online magazines, newsletters, for online websites, brochures, local newspapers, magazines and advertising copy for small businesses. The more versatile you are, the greater is the scope for earning money.Tutoring Service: This is one service business that is very much sought after by the parents of school going children. Children who have difficulty in understanding their class work need additional help and hence the need for a tutoring service. If you have the patience to handle children and knowledgeable in the subjects you intend tutoring, then this is one of the simple home based business ideas you can think of. You can get started by advertising in schools and in other places where people gather.Desktop Publishing: This is on of the home based business ideas where competition is less and profits are high especially when you work from home. Desktop publishing is ideal for moms who are computer literate and prepared to invest some money in the software. You ability to design and create outstanding products will largely contribute to your success. You can publish various items such as Newsletters, Brochures, Letterheads and Certificates. You can offer your services to small businesses, churches and other organizations.Child Care Center: It is not possible for most parents to send their children to reputed franchised child care centers and hence there is a need for affordable child care centers. If you possess some training or experience in child development and if you love children and care about them then this is the business idea you should seriously think of. This business idea very suitable for stay at home moms but here are certain pre-requisites that have to be met. You should have adequate space in your house that is child friendly and also accessible to parents to drop and pick their children. Your home based business will have to be licensed, inspected and certified by the local councils or bodies.Gift Basket Service: This is a very popular and creative home based business ideally suited for moms who have a knack for business and possess the ability to meet and talk with customers and owners of business establishments. Your ability to design, assemble and deliver unique and distinctive baskets will enable you to beat the competition and establish a reputation for your gift baskets. Your ability to purchase the products and materials at specially discounted prices will be a critical factor for the success of your business.Home made Baked Goods and Decorating: Cakes play a vital role in most functions. In fact beautifully decorated cakes take pride of place at weddings, birthdays and anniversary celebrations. If you enjoy making and decorating cakes then this is a business that you can choose to start at home. There is always a demand for people with creative talents who can produce outstanding cakes. Before starting on this business idea you should check with the health department and other local authorities to ensure that you do not contravene any laws.These home based business ideas are ideal for stay at home moms who have the desire, determination and the urge to get started as entrepreneurs and make their dreams come true.