The Secret Sauce For Starting A Home Based Business

So you’re wanting to start a home based business, but do you have the secret sauce? Just like in the traditional business world most home businesses will fail, as a matter of fact, 70% of them will fail within the first two years compared with 95% of traditional brick and mortar establishments within their first five years. Starting a business from home gives you better odds of success, so what is the secret sauce?You! You are the secret sauce that is going to take your home based business from nothing to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year of maybe even millions, but you will not make it to your final destination if you don’t first begin with the end in mind. Too many aspiring entrepreneurs come in with big dreams and aspirations but with no plan on how to achieve their goals and dreams. Some are so excited that they will take MASSIVE ACTION for a few weeks, some for a few months, and a few for a couple of years, but if you don’t know WHY your doing it you will end up with the 70% who fail.It’s called burnout and this little devil kills most home based business entrepreneurs because they don’t take the time that is necessary and write out a plan on how they are going to achieve success. Jim Rohn says that there is usually about a half dozen things that makes 80% of the difference. It’s your responsibility to find out those few things that are going to grow your business and make it profitable.Before you do anything take out a piece of paper and write down what your real passion in life is. What gets you excited and energized to talk about that the time just seems to slip away? After you have identified your passion you know must develop a game plan to achieve your home based business goals. Identify what those half dozen things are and concentrate on doing those every single day and outsource the rest to your spouse, children, or someone in India like most big companies seem to do these days.Realize that it takes time to achieve your dreams it doesn’t happen overnight. Far too many people start a home based business and give up within weeks or a few months because they had a lottery ticket mentality or employee mindset if you want to be successful in business you must start to think like a real entrepreneur and never give up. Get out there and start taking massive action today. The prize is worth the price. Here is to your success!

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